Your Voice, Your Yale All-Alumni Survey

Your Voice, Your Yale All-Alumni Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I respond to the survey?
All alumni for whom Yale has a valid email address should receive an email with a link to access the survey. Those alums for whom we have a postal mailing address but no email will receive a postcard. If you do not receive either email or postcard by Monday, May 29, please contact and provide your full name, Yale degree(s), current email and mailing address, and a daytime phone number, and we will get back in touch within two business days.  

Why is AYA conducting the Your Voice, Your Yale All-Alumni Survey?
The Association of Yale Alumni and the university would like to better understand the needs and interests of all of Yale’s alumni, and this survey is a primary mechanism for doing so. The AYA and our alumni relations colleagues in the Graduate and Professional Schools will be able to use the data from the survey to guide us as we enhance current programs and develop new initiatives that are compelling and meaningful in the lives of Yale’s alums.

Who is eligible to participate in the survey?
All alumni of any degree-granting program at Yale are being invited to participate, whether or not you completed your degree.

Why should I participate?
To serve the full breadth of the alumni community, we need to know more about you. We want to hear from all alumni – from every major, class, department, and experience – even if you haven’t connected with Yale in a while. The survey’s results will be most meaningful with participation by alumni from every generation and each of Yale’s schools.

Will my survey responses be confidential?
Yes, please be assured that your responses are confidential.  Our independent research partner, Huron, will aggregate and analyze survey responses and provide the AYA with a summary report of findings.  Your name and personally identifying information will not be associated with your responses in any reporting shared with the AYA and the university.

What is the deadline for completing the survey?
The Your Voice, Your Yale All-Alumni survey will be open through June 23, 2017.

Will you be sharing the results?
We will share insights from the survey with the alumni community in the coming year.

If you have additional questions that were not addressed here, please contact